Website Design Clean, responsive, Unique and user friendly.

Vix Web Solutions takes your content and truns it into a clean, responsive, user friendly website.

A website is your presence on the internet and your content is king so your website should reflect that. I provide your audience with a clean and clutterless environment to view your content; I focus on the user experience. The adage "less is more" is also true for website development. A web design that is too busy, unorganized or lacks a consistent flow will distract visitors from your content. These visitors will likely lose interest, leave and not come back. Put your best foot forward with a Vix Web Solutions Design.

Website Design Features

Whether large or small, all my website designs receive the same attention to detail. Each website I develop is unique and designed based on the clients requirements; I don't use templates. All my designs come with useful and valuable features:

SEO Compliant Structure

Search engine optimization affects the visibility of your website in a search result and is built into every website I build. Keywords, unique titles, descriptive urls, sitemaps and more are optimized to give your website an edge in search engine results.

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows your audience to view your website on a wide range of devices, from their home computer to their mobile device. Each of my website designs are built around a responsive framework. Accessibility over a wide range of devices will increase your websites visibility.

Contact Form / Google Map

Reachablity is vital for any organization or business to stay relavant. I provide a contact form, that is tied to an email you provide, and an embeded google map with every website design. I make it easy for your visitors to get in contact with you.

Design Options / Initial Cost

Static Website Design

A Static Website Design is a more "traditional" website. It is generally quick to develop. Content for static websites is not easily updated and requires someone to access code to make changes or updates. Ideally suited for general informational websites that won't require regular updates or changes..

Pricing starts at $499* for the initial framework plus $79* for each page your website will need. This is a base price and does not include any extra services.


Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS) and is ideal for users who will need to regularly update and make changes to their website. CMS websites are updated more frequently by server code, users or by an administrator. CMS Websites are easier to update (very little to no coding) and offers more functionality. The ability to consistantly add new content positively affects search engine ranking.

Pricing starts at $699* for the initial framework plus $99* for each page your website will need. An additional $179* for a basic blog page. This is a base price and does not include any extra services.

All Vix Designs Include:

  • Responsive design (Mobile device ready)
  • SEO compliant structure
  • One contact form
  • Embeded Google map, if applicable

*Taxes not included.