Why You Need a Content Management System (CMS)

Posted January 14, 2017

Posted January 14, 2017 by vixwebsolutions@gmail.com

Okay, maybe you don’t need a content management system but it is definitely a great platform for building a website.

A content management system is an application that allows you to actively modify, update and manage the content of your website.

The Benefits of a Content Management System

The most obvious benefit of a website content management system is the ability to update, modify and manage the content of your website. There is rarely a need to contact your website creator. If you want to make changes, log in and change it.

No coding required, generally. If you’ve typed a word document or have logged into any website then you can learn to use a content management system. You do not need to learn any coding to make regular updates and changes. A custom installation of the content management system and website build will require the expertise of a website designer, after that it’s all you.

Loaded with features to give your visitors the best possible experience and provide you with a powerful website. Content management systems support a wide range of add-ons to assist in expanding your website. Features like photo galleries, contact forms, eCommerce and more are available through most content management systems. Add-ons like google analytics and SEO improve your websites structure and help track your website performance. The selection of add-ons is large and growing every day.

Accessibility is increased with a content management system. Access to your websites content is as easy as logging into your website. Without a content management system, you’re left to rely on the availability of your website designer to access your website. Time sensitive updates and changes are just a few key strokes away with a CMS.

The ability to add multiple users make content management websites ideal. Most content management systems let you add additional users and provide you with options to limit the amount of access each user has. You can give “administrative” access to certain users and restrict others to more supportive roles. This feature is great for websites that require or may benefit from multiple contributors.

Long term savings for a CMS website are more than a “static” website. Unless you never plan to update your “static” website, bad idea, you will need to pay a website designer to make changes to your website. The average, median, hourly rate for a website designer is $60. Website updates can get expensive depending on how often your website needs to be updated and how long each update will last. That cost is on top of the price to build your website. The initial cost to build a “static website” may be less than a CMS website but you will generally pay more to maintain it.

The Wrap Up

Do you need a content management system? Well, if you want control over your online presence, the ability to manage your website and update your content, then the answer is “yes”. A content management system will give you the tools, features and control you need to stay relevant and competitive.